The progress that we have made and the projects that we have undertaken in the construction and contracting industry have played a crucial role in further enhacing MEFA’s esteem both locally and internationally.

Today, MEFA is regarded as a preferred service provider because of its quality, strength, and competencies.

MEFA was founded in 1985 by the Ucuz Family. The Company quickly built a reputation for integrity, teamwork and commitent. These values remain true today and are the reasons we were able to celebrtae our 28th anniversary.

Solid financial structure

MEFA’s solid financial structure means that the services that we provide our customers are sustainable, as well. Through its ongoing productivity – and strategy- targeted business, MEFA creates value for the society in which it operates.

Flexibility and wide ranging expertise
MEFA’s experience spans a wide array of project types. We have never specialized in a particular market, simply because our work has been driven by the needs of the communities we serve. This flexibility has meant oppurtunities to build everything from roads, bridges, infrastucture systems, solid waste regular storage areas, hydroelectric power plants to shopping centers, congress halls, university campuses, hospitals, sports complexes and industrial buildings.

Concepts of sustainability and economical development have inspired our vision and mission at our establishment and in time turned to be a responsibility and focal point of our construction services. Sustainbility, safety working conditions and environmental sensivity concurrently became  the basic indicators of MEFA’s business attitude.

Looking forward
We believe that Tırkey is blessed with tremendous economic potential. On the other hand, we foresee that our country’s hinterland will be offering highly attractive oppurtunities for us in the years to come.

Lastly, we take pride in our professional team, whose excellent management in line with our strategies encourages superior performance on the part of all of our well-trained and competent employees.