What We Do?

Public squares are the places where city’s heart pounds. Natural ceremonies, public meetings , open air concerts etc being performed there. MEFA offers construction services for public squares as well.

 ‘Cumhuriyet square’ hosts not only official ceremonies and public meetings but also cultural activities such as open air concerts and theatres.

As a breathing point at the middle of the city, ‘İletişim Square’ hosts Mersin Province Citizens by its decorative pools, Arcadian roads, gazebos and other recreational facilities.

MEFA Experience

  • 53,771 m2 total area
  • 11,127 m2 total area
  • İletişim Square
  • Cumhuriyet Square

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Related Projects

  • Walking and Jogging Road, Bicycle Road, Parks, Cumhuriyet Square and Shore Arrangement (landfill and landscape), Installation of Lightening, Automatic Irrigation, Construction of Decorative Pools, Mersin


İletişim Square

  • Decorative pools
  • Clock Tower
  • Walking paths
  • City furniture
  • Lightening, landscaping

Cumhuriyet Square

  • Decorative polls
  • Statues
  • City furniture
  • Lightening, landscaping


Projects Overview