What We Do?

  • Solid Waste Regular Storage
  • Solid Waste Rehabilitation
MEFAcompleted rehabilitation of old solid waste and construction of new Regular storage areas of Mersin City.
Solid waste is the primary source of pollution. Solid waste dump sides should keep wastes isolated and harmless till they recycle in time and turn back to mother nature MEFA is working hard to keep our world clean.

MEFA Experience

Earthfill area: 306.000 m2
Recreation on rehabilitated area: 306,000 m2
Storage capacity of 2.500.000 m3
New Solid Dump Site on 450,000 m2 area

Related Projects

  • Construction of Rehabilitation of Çavuşlu Old Solid Waste Dump Site and Construction of New Regular Solid Waste Dump Site to Mersin Metropolitan Municipality.


Scope of Construction of New Solid Waste Storage Area

  • Storage capacity of 2,500.000 m3
  • New Solid Dump Site on 450.000 m3 area
  • Internal Roads
  • Wastewater Drainage System
  • Gas Discharge System
  • Insulation with high-tech insulation materials
  • Buildings

-Administration Building
-Guard House
-Water Tanks

  • Lightening and CCTV Systems for the site

Projects Overview